Lexicon Word – “Ethereal”

All of the words in our ‘Lexicon” presented their own sort of challenge. Ethereal could be so many things that aren’t really tangible – celestial, heavenly, unworldly, spiritual – things lacking material substance. My subject presented itself one sunny afternoon as I was walking through my dining room. A freshly washed pitcher was standing on the table and it was glowing in the slanting light of the afternoon, casting this luminous half shadow on the warm oak planks. I immediately knew that I wanted to try to capture the lightness of the glass, the beauty of the woodgrain, and the intriguing mix of light and dark in the shadow cast as sunlight refracted and passed through the the complex curves of the pitcher. Ethereal made real.


18″x14″ Acrylic on canvas




Also available as a Limited Edition Archival Print.