Lexicon Word – “Plethora”

Sometimes choosing the title for a painting is half the fun. Keepsies was the perfect fit for this one. Playing for keepsies is the way that one could build the hoard, the plethora, of marbles that one had. I found this stash in an old boot polish tin that belongs to my father. They were his treasure when he was a boy, but they’ve fallen into my hands now, and I wouldn’t want to part with them. There is a plethora of shapes, a plethora of sizes, a plethora of colours and a plethora of materials. They were the perfect subject for this ‘Lexicon’ word. One of the conversations this painting initiates is about the plethora of names we had for our marbles – aggies, allies, shooters, cats eyes… did you know that one who plays marbles is called a mibster?

Currently available at Round Hill Studio in Annapolis Royal as a part of the group show “Lexicon”.


8″x8″ Acrylic on canvas





Also available as a Limited Edition Archival Print.