Lexicon Word – “Molten”

Molten was not a word of my choice and it proved to be the greatest challenge of all for me. The result, “Seeing Red”, is not like anything else I’ve done on canvas. It is, however, like the work I’ve done as a decorative artist creating faux marbre. Glazes, alcohol resists, veining – all came into play to render the idea of molten. Creating fluid shapes and a palette of colours that represented my impression of a hot substance bubbling and flowing was a wonderful challenge. Abstract or realism I’m not sure, but a wonderful reminder that there are many ways to manipulate paint to express one’s self.

Currently available at Round Hill Studio in Annapolis Royal as a part of the group show “Lexicon”.


16″x12″ Acrylic on canvas




Also available as a Limited Edition Archival Print.